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The Saad Education

How do I enroll?

You can download the information and application for the program of your choice (here). Fill out the application and send it to either, , send by mail to the address provided, or drop the form off at our University Blvd location.

Is Oral Testing Available?

Yes, just let us know upon application.

Can I become Certified for CPR?

Yes, we offer CPR certification.

Where are classes held? Is there a bus route?

The classes are held at our 1515 University Blvd location in Mobile AL. Mobile Metro buses can drop you off close to our location.

Why two weeks for CNA School?

Our CNA school is compacted into two weeks to allow students the opportunity to go through the program and be ready to pursue opportunities in the field as quickly as possible after certification. Rather than programs that take months, our program is designed to provide the training you needed through classroom and clinical experience all in less than 14 days.

What do I need to know before I attend CNA classes?

Before attending classes you will review the following (link).

What days of the week are classes?

Classes are held daily Monday thru Friday.