Privacy Practices


Uses and Disclosures of Your Medical Information Without Additional Authorization
With your initial consent on admission, we may use or disclose health information about you for treatment, to obtain payment for treatment, and for health care operations without further consent or authorization. Such uses and disclosures include, but are not limited to, informing nurses, aides and treating physicians of your condition, providing documentation to Medicare or other insurers to justify payment, or informing others for administrative purposes, such as evaluation of the quality of care that you receive. We may contact you to provide appointment reminders or information about treatment alternatives or other health-related benefits and services that may be of interest to you.

We may use or disclose identifiable health information about you without your consent or authorization for several other reasons subject to certain requirements. These include public health activities; health oversight activities; research studies; reports of abuse, neglect or domestic violence; judicial and administrative proceedings in response to court orders, subpoenas, discovery requests or other lawful processes; emergency treatment; when otherwise required by law, such as for law enforcement in specific circumstances; to a funeral director, organ procurement entity or coroner/medical examiner to identify a decedent, determine cause of death, organ donation or other authorized duties; to avert or abate serious threats to health or safety; specialized governmental functions (e.g., military, security or correction); for worker's compensation compliance purposes.

We may use or disclose your health information for the following purposes, unless you ask us not to disclose your health information to family, friends, or others identified by you who are involved in your care; assistance in disaster relief efforts; confirming our visits to your home or other appointments; informing you about treatment alternatives or other health related benefits and services that may be of interest to you.

In any other situation, we will ask for your written authorization before using or disclosing any identifiable health information about you, in particular: our use of physiotherapy notes beyond treatment, payment, and healthcare operations, and marketing of goods or services to you. If you choose to sign an authorization to disclose information, you can later revoke that authorization as provided by 45 CFR �164.508(b)(5) at any time to stop any future uses and disclosures.

Your Rights to Privacy of Your Health Information
You have the right to request restrictions on our uses and disclosures of your health information, however, we may refuse to accept your restriction. You have the right to request that we communicate with you confidentially, for example, to speak with you only in private; to send mail to any address you designate; or to telephone you at a number you designate. We will make any effort to honor your request. You have the right to request access to your health information in order to inspect or copy it. Your request must be in writing. We may deny your request and if so, you may request a review of this denial. However, we will make every effort to honor your request.
You have the right to request an amendment to your health information. Your request must be in writing and must provide a reason for the amendment. We may deny your request and, if so, you may submit a statement of disagreement. However, we will make every effort to honor your request. You have the right to request an accounting of our disclosures of your health information for purposes other than treatment, payment, and healthcare operations. We will make every effort to honor your request. We are not required to provide an accounting for disclosures before April 14, 2003 and for more than seven (7) years prior to the date of your request.

If you are concerned that we have violated your privacy rights, or if you disagree with a decision we made about access to your records, you may complain to Saad Healthcare's Privacy Officer in writing at the address below and/or to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, United States Department of Health and Human Services, 200 Independence Avenue, S.W. Washington, D.C., 20201. You will not be retaliated against for filing a complaint.

Our Legal Duty
We are required by law to maintain the privacy of your information, to provide this information about our information practices, and to follow the information practices that are described in this notice.

We may change our policies at any time. Before we make a significant change in our policies, we will give you the new notice. You can also request a written copy of our notice at any time. For more information about our privacy practices, contact the person listed below.

Contact or Complaints
If you have any questions or complaints, please contact the Privacy Officer, Saad Healthcare, 1515 University Boulevard South, Mobile, Alabama, 36609, 251-343-9600.

Effective Date
This notice is effective November 1st, 2010.