Hospice With Heart

What Is Hospice Care At Home?

Hospice is a philosophy of care that is holistic and covers the patient as well as caretakers. Hospice provides individuals facing terminal illness with care at home or in a healthcare facility, like The Retreat hospice care center in Mobile Alabama. The goal is to assist patients to live the last stage of their lives with dignity. The focus is on comfort rather than treatment.

Hospice services performed in patient’s homes by skilled nurses, therapists, aides, chaplains and social workers.

  • Regular home visits from NP & RN
  • Aide visits (up to 5 days per week)
  • Regular visits from Social Worker & Chaplain
  • Wound care
  • In-home respites offered & ECA
  • DME supplies provided

Is Hospice the answer?

One way to see if you or your loved one is ready to consider hospice care is by consulting with your physician or taking our brief quiz. (Link to assessment quiz)


In Home Hospice Care

An Individual Approach

Aide services in the home are offered up to 5 days per week as established by the case manager. Aides can provide the following services:

  • Bathe patient and shampoo
  • Oral care, foot care, catheter care, hair care, nail care, peri care
  • Changing linens on patients beds
  • Dress patient
  • Transfer patient from bed to chair/chair to bed
  • Vital signs

Social workers can assess patients and families emotional and social needs, develop plans of care, provide counseling, referrals and support to meet identified needs.  Social workers can provide :

  • Meal Delivery Referrals
  • Nursing Home Referrals
  • Medical Waiver Program
  • Home Sitter Services
  • Bereavement offerings
  • Respite Coordination
  • Referrals to the Area Agency on Aging