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Hospice Care

Our Care Plan

The nurses for hospice specialize in caring for patients which have the hospice diagnoses. The emphasis is on giving the patient the best quality of life possible. There is always a hospice nurse on call to answer your questions or to make a visit if needed. The hospice patients have aides five days per week to assist with the personal care of the patient.

The Medicare Hospice Benefit

Under the Medicare Hospice Benefit a patient receives more extensive care than under the Medicare Home Health Benefit. With the Hospice Benefit the focus is on "care not cure".

  • Medicare designates diagnoses that qualify for the Hospice Benefit (see how to qualify)
  • Patient's medication for the hospice diagnosis and pain medication is covered by Saad Hospice.
  • Approved medical equipment is covered at 100% under hospice rather than 80% under the home health benefit.
  • Incontinent supplies such as adult diapers and blue pads are furnished as part of the hospice benefit.

Other Benefits

Hospice will provide the patient with a respite in a nursing home for five days in order to give the caregiver a break if needed.

Hospice patients and their family have the additional support of chaplain, dietary and social work services. A patient can be seen in an assisted living facility, nursing home or their home. Saad Hospice treats the patient like a member of their own family and does everything possible to keep the patient comfortable in order that they can have quality time with their family. We are honored to be able to share this important time with the family.