Seymour & Natalie Lichtenfeld, Medical Supply Cust

In this day and age, all too many people only like to complain.

My wife and I, however, wish to compliment one of your employees, Mr. Kinner Stroud. Dr. Seibert’s office, on Friday, January 25, 2013, faxed over to your office a request for a bedside commode, as they were putting wife on lasix. In her present condition, she would be unable to get to the bathroom on time.

On Saturday morning, we inquired when the delivery would be made. The truck was already out, and it might not be until Monday.

I stopped at the store and met Mr. Kinner and told him of our predicament. He informed me that he would make a personal delivery of the item as soon as he finished work. True to his word, he delivered and set up the commode so that my wife could take her medication over the weekend.

Mr. Kinner is a credit and a valuable asset to your organization. He epitomizes the quality of service that Saad offers to the medical community.