Chuck Oates, Physical Therapist

Mr. Phillips is an eighty-two year old gentleman who was referred to Saad Healthcare after he suffered a stroke. The stroke left Mr. Phillips with muscle weakness that limited his ability to walk and get around his home to perform normal activities such as bathing, shaving, and getting dressed. The stroke also kept Mr. Phillips from being able to do the one thing he enjoyed the most, going to church. Mr. Phillips pastored his church for over forty years and had recently retired from his duties as senior pastor. He enjoyed going to worship with his family, and now he was unable to go.

Mr. Phillips was evaluated by Saad Healthcare for physical and occupational therapy to help him to regain his strength so that he could return to doing what he enjoyed the most. Our physical therapy staff worked with Mr. Phillips, giving him exercises to increase his upper and lower body strength and gait training to improve his ability to walk. Occupational therapy personnel worked with him to improve his ability to perform daily activities of bathing, dressing, and hygiene.

After several months of intense therapy, Mr. Phillips is now able to return to his lifelong activities. He is again able to go to church on a regular basis with his family and is also on occasion preaching to his and other congregations in his community. There is no greater reward as healthcare providers than being able to return a person to a state of health so that they can do what they enjoy!