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Ways to Identify Mental Health Issues in Seniors

January 2, 2021

While most folks know the risk of dementia increases with age, non-dementia-associated mental illnesses seldom get the attention deserved. Depression and anxiety are common issues for seniors. The symptoms of those conditions oftentimes go unnoticed because folks attribute them as natural parts of the process of aging. What to be on the lookout for Your…

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How Does Hospice Care Help in Pain Management?

December 17, 2020

Terminally ill patients seek the support of hospice and palliative care specialists. One of the primary goals of hospice care is pain management. Pain is often a problematic symptom in many illnesses. Not all patients experience pain towards the end of their lives. The hospice care team often helps recognize and treat the symptoms that…

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What Are the Benefits of In-Home Care for Dementia Patients?

December 5, 2020

A home is where an individual feels safe. Home is familiar territory and gives patients a sense of stability. In-home care for dementia patients can be highly beneficial, as the treatment is within the calm environment of their own home. Caring for a dementia patient is challenging. As the disease progresses, it becomes challenging to…

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Top 9 Issues the Elderly Face

November 30, 2020

Here, we list the top 9 issues the elderly face: Cognitive decline: It is vital to acknowledge the early warning indications of Alzheimer’s, as early treatment and intervention may be critical to slowing the disease’s progression. Balance issues: Slips and falls are the top cause of injury among the elderly, and maintaining your mobility and…

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How SAAD Can Help When Your Elderly Family Member Comes Home From Hip Surgery

November 15, 2020

When an elderly or senior person gets home while they recover from a broken hip, in-home adaptations/modifications, assurance, self confidence, and remaining active within healthy limits, as well as being proactive all are vital determinants in the speed and level of independence maintained and regained. A skilled caregiver from a home health or in-home care…

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Truths and Misconceptions About Hospice

October 24, 2020

Here, Saad Healthcare lists the truths and misconceptions about hospice: Misconception: Hospice is some place patients go to die. Truth: More than 80 percent of hospice takes place inside the home, which often is the place families and patients are most at-ease. Hospice is provided wherever the need exists. Misconception: It’s only for dying patients.…

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