Saad Education Grievance Policy


Anything in the classroom or clinical relationship that is a reason for complaint is considered a “grievance”. You are encouraged to make every effort to resolve classroom problems through informal counseling with instructors or non-instructional staff personnel. Should these personnel not satisfactorily resolve the complaint, then a formal “grievance” can be asserted in the following manner: 

  1. First Step – Your Primary Instructor. Present the signed and dated grievance to your Primary Instructor within 24 hours after the incident which gave rise to the grievance. Your instructor will investigate and respond to the grievance in writing within 2 workdays. 
  2. Second Step – School Administrator. If you are not satisfied with your primary instructor’s decision, you should give the written statement of the grievance and the response of your instructor to the Administrator within two working days after your instructor renders the decision. Your Primary Instructor and the Administrator will meet and discuss and if necessary, schedule a conference with you to gather additional information. The Administrator will render a written decision within 10 working days after the grievance was submitted to the Administrator. 
  3. Third Step – Contact: The Alabama Community College System, P.O. Box 302130, Montgomery AL 36130-2130; Phone 334-293-4500; Student Complaints call EthicsPointHotline: 855-428-8313. 

Failure to timely follow each step will be grounds to deny the grievance. At any step of the grievance procedure, if the person responsible for responding to the grievance does not do so within the specified time frame, proceed to the next step within two working days. You may withdraw the grievance at any time by giving written notice to the instructor or the Administrator. 

At any step of the grievance procedure, you may be accompanied by another student of your choice. You may present the grievance personally or you may give written permission for another student to present the grievance on your behalf. 

You may not take any action, including filing a court action, in connection with your classroom experience unless you have first followed each step of the grievance procedure within the time specified. Compliance with the grievance procedure is an absolute condition precedent to any further right of action.