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The Saad Healthcare Story

From humble beginnings, John and Dorothy Saad began providing healthcare for Mobilians in 1967. Over the years, Saad Healthcare has become one of the largest employers and providers of health care services on the Gulf Coast. The Saad family members who currently run the company, however, have never forgotten the lessons taught to them by John and Dorothy - that every individual patient and customer is important and deserving of the highest quality of care. Today, Saad Healthcare is the only remaining locally owned, family-operated home healthcare company in Mobile. As such, Saad Healthcare is uniquely positioned to serve its patients, and the Gulf Coast, with the care and compassion that Mobilians want and expect.

The company's motto - A family tradition of caring - is not mere marketing boilerplate, but reflects a genuine sense of commitment and obligation. Saad Healthcare is not just a business, but a mission for the family members who run it - a mission that was instilled by and has been inherited from their parents.

Saad Healthcare was founded to provide full-service and high-quality care to patients and clients in their homes, in a comprehensive, compassionate, professional, and cost-effective manner, in order to restore, maintain, and promote good health and minimize the negative effects of illness and disability. Because ours is a legacy given to us by a previous generation who was dedicated to the delivery of high-quality healthcare and who made sacrifices to that end, we have a special obligation to continue to place the highest value on excellence in all we do. Our aim is to make our slogan - "A family tradition of caring" - an ongoing reality.

Our Guiding Objectives

Compassion. We are committed to caring for the well-being of our patients and customers. Our work is to be first and foremost patient centered.

Integrity. We consider trust and integrity to be essential in all our relationships. We are committed to operating our business honestly, with financial integrity, in compliance with all regulatory requirements, and in adherence to the highest standards of our industry.

Quality. The cornerstone of our operations is the delivery of services and products in the safest and most appropriate manner possible, providing our patients and customers with the finest clinicians, technologies, facilities, and programs available, and working diligently to achieve a superior outcome in every case.

Competence and professionalism. We will hire the most qualified healthcare professionals to provide services to our patients, and we will ensure that they have the necessary training to be able to deliver the highest level of care in a professional and competent manner.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We will strive to manage our resources wisely and respond proactively to changes in our industry, so that we can provide value to our patients and customers and profit to our shareholders.

Respect. We respect our employees, showing esteem for their respective abilities and areas of expertise, providing opportunities for their growth and development, and encouraging their participation in decision-making processes. We will ensure that our business is conducted in a family oriented manner. In addition, we respect our patients, customers, physicians, shareholders, business partners, and vendors, recognizing the valuable role each of them plays in our business. We strive to communicate with all in an open and honest way.

Dynamism. We will approach our business in an energetic and robust manner. We will endeavor to be creative, innovative, and knowledgeable about medical and technological developments, so that we can serve as a trendsetter, and not just a follower, in healthcare delivery. Similarly, we will offer challenging but supportive employment opportunities, encouraging and nurturing the talents and energies of our staff. We will manage our company in a profitable manner.