How to Help Your Elderly Family Member Live a Healthy Lifestyle

elderly healthy lifestyle

Is your elderly family member not living their best life? Could they be a little healthier? If the answer is yes, there is hope. The good news is that there are several small ways they might live a healthier lifestyle. Studies show that making even the smallest of changes to one’s life may improve well-being and health. You and professional caregivers can serve as a support system to help your senior family member to make those changes to their lifestyle.

Eat Healthier Foods

You do not need to overthrow your senior family member’s entire diet. With subtle diet modifications, they may grow accustomed to eating healthier and become empowered to make better choices. For example, rather than taking away all your senior family member’s junk food, you may have them consume a smaller serving of veggies with their supper. Gradually, over a period of time, you and their caregivers might encourage them to eat additional healthier foods. If your senior family member wants to consume coffee, encourage them to consume two glasses of water before drinking the coffee. That way they’re remaining healthy, hydrated, and still receiving what they want.

Low-Impact Exercise

It’s possible to also make exercising easy for your senior family member. Your senior family member does not have to lift weights in a gym or jog on the treadmill for one hour each day. Instead, consider encouraging them to go on a walk with you at night for ten minutes. In the daytime, when they’re doing laundry, you can encourage them to do some squats. If he or she likes to dance, turn on a little music and get moving.

Socialization Helps

Socialization is powerful and often what your senior family member needs to help round out a healthier lifestyle. Studies show that socializing may decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. It also can make him or her feel as if they’re understood and that they belong. The benefits don’t stop there! Socialization helps their mind to remain active, as well.

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