Is It Time For Hospice Care?

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Many of us assume that we always will have a bit more time with our aging grandparents or parents. Even when our family member is in the late stage of a severe illness, medical treatments might provide hope for a longer life. However, medicine may only take us so far.

8 Signs That It Might Be Time For Hospice Care

  1. Frequent visits to the emergency room or hospitalizations
  2. Reoccurring or frequent infections.
  3. Decreased desire to eat, which leads to body composition changes and substantial weight loss.
  4. Swift decline in health over the last 6 months, even with aggressive treatments.
  5. Vomiting or nausea, shortness of breath, uncontrolled pain.
  6. Mental confusion, increased sleeping, withdrawal, or decreasing alertness.
  7. Incapability of performing daily living tasks, like walking, eating, personal cleaning, using the bathroom, or dressing.
  8. Decision to concentrate on quality of life, rather than aggressive medical treatments.

Hospice care isn’t about dying, it is all about determining how to live life with the time that is left. Determining how much time is actually left can create doubt and confusion, but hospice care can help ease concerns. 

Though no one wants to start hospice care too early, keep in mind that you have the choice to end hospice care and restart curative care at any point. Also, patients have the choice to transfer to a new provider.

Options for Palliative Care 

Palliative care is a choice for those wanting to decrease the symptoms, anxiety, and side effects of a severe illness. Patients don’t have to forgo treatments to cure their illness. They’ll obtain care to decrease pain, additional symptoms and the occasional debilitating side effects of treatments.

Oftentimes, palliative care involves advance care planning and goals of care conversations to offer a roadmap for future medical decision-making which may decrease stress on both family members and patients.

Finding the Proper Care

Making healthcare decisions in times of immediate need may be stressful. A great first step involves having truthful conversations about what really matters most to you and your loved ones? When there is a better understanding about your own priorities and needs, it’s possible to be bold about sharing them with comfort care health providers.

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