How SAAD Can Help When Your Elderly Family Member Comes Home From Hip Surgery

Elderly Family Member

When an elderly or senior person gets home while they recover from a broken hip, in-home adaptations/modifications, assurance, self confidence, and remaining active within healthy limits, as well as being proactive all are vital determinants in the speed and level of independence maintained and regained. A skilled caregiver from a home health or in-home care agency may offer crucial support in all those areas. There’ll probably be additional support from an occupational and/or physical therapist.

When you initially arrive home, while recovering, your environment often will require a bit of essential modifications or adaptations to accommodate your lower independence level. A licensed, experienced caregiver or additional skilled personnel from a licensed home health care agency may inform you of those necessary changes, which are going to decrease your risk of injury that could postpone your path to sustained and regained independence. It’s possible to take comfort in recognizing that in our 25 years in this line of work, it has been very rare that those necessary adaptations/modifications have required substantial structural change or cost to your home. As a matter of fact, most are frequently covered under your healthcare insurance!

One big factor we’ve seen come into play when it comes to substantially regaining independence after a broken hip is a positive outlook. Many of us have heard stories of older individuals who break a hip and it was all “downhill” from there. This is not a story that inspires much self confidence. It invokes a fear of more injury and winding up in a nursing facility. In turn, many seniors have trouble coming up with the willpower to perform the work necessary for improvement and don’t have the self confidence to interact in the increased activity needed for increasing independence. But there is hope. Today’s hip procedures require shorter recovery time and boast improved patient outcomes. Plus, a skilled home healthcare aide can offer the reassurance of safety a senior needs to improve their independence while on the mend. Oftentimes, bonding with the client offers additional incentive to seniors to perform the work necessary to improve.

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