Hospice Care: How Can I Pay For It?

Hospice Care PaymentPatients who have a terminal illness usually don’t need to pay for hospice care.

The costs of hospice care are covered by Medicare (via Medicare Hospice Benefit), The Veteran’s Health Administration, and Medicaid (within most states).

Medicaid and Medicare

  • Presently, the majority of hospice patients have their expenses covered by Medicare, via the Medicare Hospice Benefit.
  • Also, Medicaid pays for hospice care within the majority of states. Individuals become qualified for Medicaid once their assets and income are low.
  • Medicaid offers benefits which are similar to Medicare’s Hospice Benefits.

Veterans’ Benefits

  • In addition, Veteran’s Health Administration covers the expenses of hospice care. If you believe you might be qualified, it’s possible to read more details for vet’s benefits here.
  • Veteran’s Health Administration offers benefits which are similar to Medicare’s Hospice Benefits.

Health Insurance

  • A lot of private insurance providers offer some hospice care coverage. Verify with your insurer to figure out if hospice care is covered and beneath which circumstances. Among private coverage insurers, there are variants in qualifications, as well as covered benefits.

People who are uninsured

  • If you don’t have insurance coverage and can’t afford the service, a hospice might offer free care or care on a sliding scale basis.
  • The financial help is given through gifts, donations, grants or additional community sources. Contact the hospice in your area, like Saad Healthcare, to learn if they have the ability and are willing to provide free or reduced care.

Whether a person is qualified for hospice benefits might vary depending upon who’s covering the price of care. At present, the majority of hospice care inside the United States is covered by Medicare’s Hospice Benefit, requiring:

  • patients be diagnosed with terminal illness
  • be age 65 and up
  • have the individual’s hospice medical director and doctor certify that the individual has less than 6 months to live.
  • Several additional hospice benefit plans follow those same guidelines established by Medicare.

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