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Archive for October 2020

Truths and Misconceptions About Hospice

Here, Saad Healthcare lists the truths and misconceptions about hospice: Misconception: Hospice is some place patients go to die. Truth: More than 80 percent of hospice takes place inside the home, which often is the place families and patients are most at-ease. Hospice is provided wherever the need exists. Misconception: It’s only for dying patients.…

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Hospice Care: How Can I Pay For It?

Patients who have a terminal illness usually don’t need to pay for hospice care. The costs of hospice care are covered by Medicare (via Medicare Hospice Benefit), The Veteran’s Health Administration, and Medicaid (within most states). Medicaid and Medicare Presently, the majority of hospice patients have their expenses covered by Medicare, via the Medicare Hospice…

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