Dementia Care Services

Dementia care is often very challenging. The senior patient suffers from withdrawal, has mood swings, and wanders around lost in a world of their own. Most families are overwhelmed with the care that they need to provide in such circumstances.

Saad Healthcare understands the struggles families and loved one’s face when caring for a senior with dementia. We offer a homelike, intimate setting for the patients. The residents feel safe in this comfortable environment.

Our caregivers receive special training. It enables them to provide the highest quality care to seniors with dementia. The caregivers understand the disease, its symptoms, and how it affects behavior in an individual.

Dementia care services are dedicated to preserving the independence and happiness of seniors. Our dedicated team of caregivers are trained to offer dementia care in the homes of the seniors we serve. Each of our caregivers are certified and licensed.

Dementia Home Care

Dementia has the potential to affect every aspect of an individual’s life. Seniors may have difficulty remembering where they have left things or what they need to do. As dementia gets progressively worse, the individuals will be unable to care for themselves. In-home dementia home care services allow seniors to spend their time in familiar surroundings.

Our home care team will be able to provide all the essential services that the seniors need in the comfort of their homes. Patients like to be in familiar surroundings and our services aim to keep them comfortable, which can help them navigate the day with less uncertainty or anxiety.

How Caregivers Help with Dementia Care?

Our caregivers are given special training on how to interact with patients living with dementia. The caregiver gets to know the patient on a personal level. They take time to learn about their past and their likes and dislikes.

This insight helps our caregivers develop a relationship with those they serve and can help them plan enjoyable activities that help stimulate the physical and mental thought processes. Saad Healthcare home care aides help seniors keep their medical appointments, maintain health, establish an eating schedule and other regular routines.

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