High-Quality In-Home Nursing Care Will Help Improve Sleep

sleep deprivationAs people age, their routines start changing, and in turn, their sleep patterns must be modified. It’s one reason why seniors are especially more susceptible to developing sleep disorders. That’s why senior groups and agencies are not only promoting general senior nursing health and care, but also taking time to inform the elderly about the risks related to sleep deprivation.

Ways to Improve Quality of Sleep

Lack of sleep may be very detrimental to a senior’s well-being and health. But there is good news: there are options that may assist a senior in improving their sleeping habits. Three factors which may assist in improving sleep include:

● Good-to-excellent health
● Comfortable environment
● Consistent schedules

Investing in a new mattress every 4 – 7 years also can improve your family member’s sleep quality. Old mattresses may get tears and start sagging over time and may impact a person’s capability of getting and remaining comfortable while sleeping.

Risks Related To Lack Of Sleep

There are multiple risks that doctors correlate with sleep deprivation. Most folks believe the only consequence of a poor night’s sleep is feeling sleepy and tired the following day. But, the real consequences are more severe and can include:

● Irritability
● Higher stress levels
● Memory loss
● Heart disease

Elderly Nursing Care

Sleep deprivation is extremely common among the elderly. Odds are if you feel highly sleepy and tired during the day, it’s likely that you’re experiencing sleep deprivation. Some ailments that loved ones should look for include:
● Insomnia
● Dementia and Alzheimer’s
● Sleep apnea

If you or your senior family member are experiencing sleep deprivation and sleep disorders, consider using elderly nursing care at home to offer help. Simplistic changes in the elderly person’s daily activities or schedule may aid in improving sleep. In addition, live-in services might be needed to observe your family member’s sleep patterns.

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