Home Care vs. Home Health Care

The terms “home health” and “home care” sound similar; however, they offer very different services.

Home care

Home CareHome care offers help and compassion for elders who require help with daily tasks. Care levels differ by need, and may span from week-to-week meal preparation to incontinence assistance. Home care aides get trained to comprehend the nuances of elderly care, yet generally aren’t licensed to offer medical services. Elderly home care services involve:

● Help with financial management or bills
● Organizing and cleaning
● Meal delivery or preparation
● Assistance with tasks of daily living such as grooming, bathing, and dressing
● Transportation to and from appointments
● Companionship — in-home activities, chatting, and reading aloud

Who benefits from home care?

● Seniors needing companionship or who feel isolated in the home
● Loved ones who’d like assistance with cleaning, cooking, and additional household tasks
● Seniors still active yet need transportation from and to medical appointments and activities
● Elderly patients needing assistance with daily living activities, from using the bathroom to bathing

Home health care

They type of care is medical, clinical supervision given by a licensed pro. Licensed practical and registered nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists all can give home health care, frequently through home health agencies, or within some instances, hospice agencies. Home health care usually is prescribed by a physician as a part of a senior health care routine that follows injury or hospitalization. It may include:

● Wound care
● Health status monitoring
● Medical testing
● Administration of shots or prescription medicine
● Occupational and physical therapy

Who benefits from home health?

● Seniors suffering a decline in function who might benefit from physical or occupational therapy to regain their independence
● Family members whose fragile health keeps them from safely going to and from physicians’ appointments
● Seniors needing monitoring after a recent change in medicine
● Elderly patients recently discharged from a hospital stay, rehabilitation, or skilled nursing center

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