How to Qualify for Disability with a Terminal Illness

Before going into hospice care, an individual must have a medical condition that’s expected to end life in a matter of 6 months. While that prognosis is standard for hospice qualifications, many folks live months, perhaps years past the 6-month prediction. In that time, disability benefits from the SSA (Social Security Administration) may offer financial support. disability-terminal-illness

Kinds of Disability Benefits

If you already have reached the age of full retirement when you go into hospice home care, you will not be eligible for disability; however, you might have the ability to receive retirement benefits through the Social Security Administration instead. Though, if you aren’t at full retirement age, you could be eligible for one or both of the Social Security Administration’s disability programs:

SSI or Supplemental Security Income, is a need-based disability plan that does not have any work history requirements yet instead establishes strict limitations on assets and income.

SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance, is the plan through which the majority of American workers are eligible for when disability keeps them from sustaining employment.

Medical Eligibility While in Hospice Care

A medical condition which qualifies for hospice absolutely meets the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability. Nevertheless, you still must submit an application and the Social Security Administration still will have to assess your medical eligibility.

Retroactive Benefits

In order to be medically eligible for disability, someone has to have a serious medical condition which prevents employment. By the point that hospice is needed, you likely have been eligible for disability for quite a while. As a matter of fact, you might be due back benefits, which date back to the onset of the disabling condition. If so, you will get a lump sum payment of all retroactive benefits as soon as your SSI and/or SSDI application gets approved.

Coverage with Disability Benefits

Disability benefit approval instantly makes you qualified for medical coverage via Medicaid, if you aren’t already getting it. After 2 years of being on Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you also would become qualified for coverage via Medicare. There are also specific medical conditions which make you qualified for Medicare instantly, which includes dialysis-dependent kidney disease and ALS.

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