6 Early Signs of Dementia

There are 6 common early indications of dementia. For someone to obtain a diagnosis, they usually would experience two or more of the following symptoms, and the symptoms might be serious enough to interfere with their day-to-day life. The early indications of dementia include:

Memory loss

An individual who develops dementia might experience problems recalling events or dates. Memory loss is a typical dementia symptom. Someone who has dementia might find it challenging to remember details they’ve recently learned, like new information, events, or dates.

They might find that they rely on family and friends or additional memory aids that keep track of things. Though the majority of folks forget things more often as they grow older, they usually are able to remember them later on if their memory loss is age-associated and not because of dementia.

Difficulty solving problems or planning

Someone who has dementia might find it hard to follow a plan, like a recipe while cooking, or directions while driving. In addition, problem-solving might become more of a challenge, like when adding numbers up to pay bills.

A hard time performing familiar tasks

Someone with dementia might find it hard to finish tasks they do on a routine basis, like changing settings on a TV, using a computer, making some coffee/tea, or travelling to a familiar location. That difficulty with familiar activities might happen at work or home.

Being confused about place or time

Dementia may make it difficult to judge the passing of time. At any time, folks also may forget where they are. They might find it difficult to understand events in the past or the future and might have a hard time with dates.

Challenge understanding visual details

Visual data may be a challenge for someone suffering from dementia. It may be difficult to judge distances, to read, or to work out any differences between colors. Usually, someone who cycles or drives might begin finding those tasks challenging.

Problems writing or speaking

Handwriting might become less legible as the condition progresses. Someone who is experiencing dementia might find it difficult to engage in discussions/conversations.

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