What’s The Difference Between Hospice Care, Palliative Care, and Home Care?

Home Health CareWhen it comes to home health care, palliative and hospice care, a good deal of confusion remains. So, we put together this resource to help separate truth from fiction. While there are differences between these three terms; some of them morph and overlap into each other as a patient progresses.

Home Health Care

Home health care involves health care services that are delivered in the comfort of a patient’s own home. Volunteers, aides, and nurses visit a patient in their home to assist in treating a chronic condition, injury, or illness.

The aim includes TREATING an injury or illness, helping a patient get better, regain independence and become as self-sufficient as they can.

Palliative Care

This type of care relieves pain, addresses symptoms, and maximizes quality of life for those who live with severe illness, offering an additional layer of assistance for people who might be obtaining curative treatments like chemotherapy or radiation. At its core, palliative care is a type of specialized medical care for those who have severe illness, with an emphasis on offering relief from the stress and symptoms of a severe illness. The goal includes enhancing quality of life for both the family and the patient, with care given by a specially-trained staff of nurses, doctors, and additional specialists working in conjunction with a patient’s current physicians. Anyone during any age and any stage navigating a severe illness may turn to palliative care in conjunction with curative treatment.

Hospice Care

With hospice, the focus is on caring, and not curing. It may take place at a patient’s house, in a nursing home or inside a hospice care center. Most folks assume hospice is service provided in the last moments of life. But, research shows that symptom and pain management is more efficient when generated earlier in the process of disease. Completely covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and the majority of HMOs and private insurance plans, hospice focuses on living rather than dying. That is because it’s supposed to offer the best quality of life possible for those whose prognosis leads physicians to believe they won’t live past 6 months.

Saad Healthcare provides in-home health care, palliative care, and hospice care to patients along the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coasts. Our hospice services are available in both the home setting and at our state-of-the art Inpatient Facility located in Mobile Alabama. It is our honor to serve families throughout our region.

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