How Caregivers Can Keep Seniors Comforted and Safe at Home

One recommendation to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is physical distancing. Practice such distancing by avoiding traveling and public places. Remain at the house except when absolutely necessary in order to get access to essential services and goods, like medications, gas, and food.

Remaining at home decreases your opportunity of spreading or catching COVID-19. Your family members might find physical distancing particularly isolating and difficult. Now, more than ever, you or an expert caregiver can help you or your loved one stay safe and healthy.

Here’s how:

Make it More Convenient to Remain at Home

The safest area for even relatively healthy seniors is oftentimes in their own residences. Whether a loved one or professional, in-home caregivers assist in making sure their needs get met.
For instance, a home caregiver can help seniors stock up supplies and assist with shopping trips. Caregivers can ensure that the house is stocked up with necessary over-the-counter medication and supplies that treat fever and additional cold or virus symptoms. In addition, home caregivers can cook healthy meals, packed with immune system boosting nutrients.

Offer Company

Seniors living alone already are at risk for loneliness and isolation. Your family member might feel anxious, as well as disconnected from other people at this uncertain time. Caregivers can help with a hobby, assist with at-home exercises or establish ways to communicate with family members like using video calls, phoning, or writing letters.

If you cannot visit and your loved one lives in the Mobile area, one of our home caregivers can help your family member get in touch — and remain in touch — with friends and family.

Reassure and Protect Your Family Member

Saad Healthcare caregivers in Mobile Alabama are trained at recognizing the warning indications of illness. They’re also taught how they can prevent the spread of illnesses.

Caregivers will help your family member with:

  • Monitoring medicine
  • Effectively disinfecting and cleaning surfaces
  • Reminding elders to cover a sneeze or cough
  • Remembering to consistently wash hands
  • Reporting and identifying symptoms

Being alone at a time of uncertainty may lead to anxiety and fear. Your family member must know that support is out there. As a caregiver, you’re doing your very best to meet the needs of the ones depending on you while following advice on safety precautions while staying at home. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to lean on our compassionate team.

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