When Is It Time To Consider Home Care?

Sometimes, life sneaks up on us. What we used to do without a second thought can suddenly become a challenge at best, impossible at worst. Aging parents and loved ones can quickly find themselves in the position of needing help with day-to-day activities. Things like bathing or other personal hygiene, meal preparation, medication reminders or light housekeeping.

At Saad Healthcare, our trained caregivers can provide services from 4 hours to 24/7 care and support. But when is time to make that call to Saad? When is it time to even think about it? Take a look at this list of signs that it may be time, and call one of our care counselors. There is no obligation, come and talk to somebody about what you think might be going on in your loved one’s life and together, let’s develop a plan to help.

  1. Are Your Loved One’s daily needs being met? Are you or your loved ones not as physically active as you once were?  Are meals usually from the microwave, the local takeout or delivery service?  Are they spending too much time alone. We humans are social and it is important that we spend time with friends and family as often as possible to prevent depression.

  2. Are things often being forgotten? We associate signs of memory loss with things like leaving the stove on or the front door unlocked, but there are other signs to watch for. Frequently forgetting regular medications, appointments, or well-known names may be a signal their personal safety is at risk.

  3. Is home maintenance becoming a chore? You may notice abandoned housekeeping like mowing, making the bed, unwashed dishes or wearing the same clothes day after day because these tasks have become a burden.  It might also be unsafe to continually go up and down the stairs or maintain a big yard. Keeping up with a home can gradually become a real chore. If they feel like their home has become more trouble than its worth, it may be time for help.

  4. Is “home” isolated geographically? It may have been their dream to retire to a quiet porch, sipping iced tea, looking out at peaceful fields or the ocean every day. However, that same location may be cut off from an array of essential services during a hurricane, flood or other catastrophe.  Have you considered that it is no longer safe for them to drive? Is there public transportation available to their front door? It’s important to know that if where your loved one lives makes it difficult to reach family, the grocery store or pharmacy, get urgent or emergency care, it may be time for some help.

  5. Is there an existing chronic health condition? Often times, a chronic medical condition may make home care necessary. Sometimes a health crisis or event happens unexpectedly, making independent living nearly impossible.  Life can change in an instant, requiring us to adapt to a new environment where we are more able to support basic needs. At Saad Healthcare, we can supply everything from that basic support to full on medical care. Depending on your needs, we can provide a nurse (RN/LPN), home health aide, or a certified nursing assistant (CNA).

We know that change is hard, especially if change includes complicated medical issues. But being proactive can really make a difference in maintaining or extending the quality of life for your loved ones.  If you have asked yourself these questions, and the answers leave you considering a change, Call Saad Healthcare today, we are here to help.

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