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Quality Assurance Nurse - Mobile Office – Full Time

Posted on March 07, 2018

Job Description:
The Quality Assurance Nurse will be responsible for administering, coordinating, and evaluating the activities of home health/hospice personnel, making certain that the regulatory and contractual obligations of the company and the policies of the company are adhered to in the operation of the agency and in the provision of care to its patients. The QA Nurse will examine the quality and quantity of services rendered for accuracy and appropriateness to the individual patient's plan of care in accordance with Medicare regulations. He or she will review all admissions, certifications, recertifications, and modifications for accuracy and. The QA Nurse will work closely with the nursing staff to improve overall nursing care for all of Saad Healthcare's hospice patients and will develop, recommend, and implement policies and procedures, program planning, staff development, in-services, and educational sessions. The QA Nurse will work to provide a comprehensive, systematic, and coordinated approach for the ongoing evaluation and review of clinical medical records and discharge records. He or she will prepare and maintain statistical reports and information necessary for the operation, services, and success of the QA department of the company and will report to the Hospice Director and the Nursing Administrator.

The candidate must have a current valid R.N. license and must have at least three years experience in quality assurance in home health or hospice operations.

Required Knowledge:
The applicant should be a very strong clinician and astute at monitoring patient censuses, ratios of admits to budget, OASIS data, clinical assessments, and documentation. He or she must be able to assemble and maintain records and present data in report form; must have the ability to work with individuals; must be able to enlist the cooperation of many people in establishing, maintaining and furthering a program; and must be able to research, forecast, and plan for future needs.